2018 Chinese New Year Red Envelope Giveaways

Red-Girl-Lion200AMaster Tsai Chinese Astrology website is giving away 2018 Chinese New Year Lucky Red Envelope on Chinese New Year Eve and Chinese New Year Day, between February 15th 2018 and February 16th 2018. The total of Red Envelopes will be more than 500.

2018 Chinese New Year Red Envelope contains a gift card for Fortune Angel Chinese Astrology 10-Year Major Cycles Report. This report covers all major cycles of your entire life and 2018 Brown Dog Year prediction. This report is required to know your birthday, birth hour and birth minute.

If you don’t know your birth time, then you can choose one of the Fortune Angel Love Match reports – Your Most Compatible Birthdays and Compatibility Test.

Get the Chinese New Year Lucky Red Envelope is from



2017 Chinese Zodiac Chicken for mobile devices.


This new Chinese zodiac predictions for Red Fire Chicken Year of 2017 includes the relationship between your Chinese Zodiac sign and the Chicken of 2017 as well as the relationship between your Day Master of the Chicken of 2017.

The new web page is in HTML5 format for all mobile devices.


New Chinese Astrology Rise and Fall Life Chart

chart-yinyangThe new version of the Rise and Fall Life Chart is the Chinese Five Element Astrology using your birthday and birth time to draw your Rise and Fall Chart of your entire destiny. It includes your Chinese astrology birth chart, Five Element scores, your lucky element, the five elements of coming days and the lucky element guide to improve your fortune.


It’s re-designed in HTML5 format for all mobile devices.