Chinese Baby Gender Predictor

Chinese Baby Gender Predictor

Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Calendar and Baby Calendar Chart.



Master Tsai’s Chinese Baby Gender Predictor


The ancient Baby Gender Prediction Chart uses woman’s Chinese age and conception/pregnancy month to predict baby gender. Chinese add their age on the Chinese New Year Day, which is from Chinese Lunar Calendar. It’s kind of confusion for many people. It’s easier to use Master Tsai’s Baby Gender Predictor.

Ancient Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart and Pregnancy Age


Where does the ancient Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart come from?

The Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Calendar Chart of Ching Dynasty was revealed in Taiwanese newspaper in 1972. It said that the paper of Ching dynasty’s Baby Gender Calendar Chart disappeared in Emperor’s Summer Resort, after Ching Dynasty lost battle with Eight-Nation Alliance in 1900. The paper was sent to British. Since the original paper is written in Manchu language. After translation, the King of British kept it as treasure. Later, the paper appeared in Austria. One Chinese scholar saw it, copied the content, brought it back to Taiwan and published in the newspaper….