Baby Born in 2020 Year of Rat – Characteristics and Traits

2020 is the year of the White Metal Rat. The Chinese New Year Day is on January 25, 2020. According to Chinese Zodiac Calendar, The Rat year of 2020 starts on February 4, 2020. Baby who born on or after this day is a Rat baby. Baby who born before February 4, 2020 is a Pig baby.

If you plan for a Rat baby, then you might be interested in the personality of a Rat baby. Rat’s characteristics are smart, agile, sly, sharp-sighted and staying alert. Rat is affectionate, charismatic, eloquent, sociable, and hardworking.

Rats have another side of the personality. Rats are gloomy, quiet, selfish, conspiring, scheming and gossipy. Rat might have some negative minds when encountering the troubles. Rat will blame on others, when things go wrong, then

More information about Baby Born in 2020 Chinese Zodiac Rat Year is at Chinese Fortune Calendar.


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