2017 Chinese Five Element Horoscopes for Red Fire Chicken Year

Red Fire Rooster

2017 Red Fire Rooster

2017 is Year of the Chicken or Rooster and it is on February 3, 2017. The first day of 2017 Chinese Horoscope Year is different from the Chinese New Year day, which is on January 28, 2017 in China Standard Time. Chinese New Year day is from Chinese Lunar Calendar. Chinese Five Element Horoscopes use Chinese Astrology Calendar.

2017 is Female Fire Chicken year. Chicken contains mainly Female Metal, which is connected to jewelry, precious gems, fine metal or valuable treasure. Since Metal represents money to the person and Metal is the lucky element, Metal will bring fortune to this person. Female Fire of 2017 represents the siblings or friends, which are connected to social activities and money expenses. That implies people around this person will come to share the money income.  Therefore, this is the sign of money in and out…




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